About Us

AK44 Venture is here to help founders make their most daring ideas become impactful products. As founders and crypto natives ourselves, we understand the challenges faced by early stage projects and are here to provide active investor side support through mentorship and network integration.

We know the landscape and keep up with the latest developments, so that we can guide teams when it comes to ideation, tokenomics, and communication. Our hands on approach frees innovators to focus on what they do best, building groundbreaking technologies. We invest more than just capital into each project because for us this is about more than just money. We are here to help like-minded individuals to build a shared vision of a new world.

AK44 Capital is a thesis driven investment fund and deploys capital across both primary and secondary markets. As such we have a liquid portion of the portfolio and long-term investments at pre-seed and seed stages. This gives us flexibility and allows us to maximize capital efficiency without sacrificing our long-term vision.

If you are a founder building something exciting in the field of blockchain technology please reach out and let’s talk.